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our vision

what we see in Pittsburgh

It seems like most people have preconceived notions about Pittsburgh, as if they mostly see football, snow, and steel. At Steel City Church we see great people and great days ahead for Pittsburgh!


We see college students studying at some of the nation's top universities. College students are the next generation of leaders in government, business, medicine, and education. We want to equip them to live out their God-given purposes!


We see urban professionals climbing the corporate ladder. Urban professionals are the influencers who define the cultural landscape of our city. We want to equip these influencers to bring lasting change where change is needed.


We see families loving their neighbors and their neighborhoods. Families are the keystone of the city. We want to help families thrive, not just survive, as they continue to build a rich legacy that makes us all Pittsburgh Proud


we see a church for the city

and for

the campus

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Pittsburgh is a place where city life collides with campus life. We see a church for the city and a church for the campus,, so that sound wisdom from the past might be imparted on innovative ideas for the future.


Pittsburgh is a place where renaissance is underway. We see a church that is for Pittsburgh, not just In Pittsburgh, so that felt needs might be met and that the reputation of "church" might be restored.


Pittsburgh is a place that is proud of its diversity. We see a church that Is safe for all people, so that the isolated, hurting, and skeptical might find belonging, healing, and truth.


Steel City Church LOVES Pittsburgh and has a long term vision to share that love with more cities across North America and around the world.  We see leaders, groups, and even new churches created from the people who are learning and living the ways of Jesus with us! 


partner with 

steel city


we can't

do this alone

As we dream boldly and plan intelligently for the future, we know that we cannot do this alone. We desire a partnership with anyone who gets as excited as we do about what God is doing in Pittsburgh and in the life of Steel City Church.  To learn more about how you or your organization can partner with us by praying, giving, or going, click the button below to fill out a form that will give our leadership team the chance to connect with you!